Beehives at Les Evocelles!

Not far from Les Ruchottes-Chambertin, which gives its name to one of Burgundy’s most prestigious appellations, we have returned to traditional practices. In the spring, we installed beehives in our biggest plot of almost three hectares at Gevrey-Chambertin Les Evocelles.

Six hives now look down over the hillside over these vines en foule, far from any houses and protected by the forest. This is where our bees have now made their home, and from where they forage, busily buzzing around, a symbol of life itself.

Three swarms were caught in the countryside and set up in their new homes by Thierry Jeannin. One of them is growing rapidly and clearly happy here and we have added a “super” or extra level to the hive to give them more space. We are learning about the bees on the job, gradually understanding how to take care of these little hardworking friends. We are hoping for some honey but if not, we don’t mind. Our plan is to simply do as much as we can to help nature along, to promote pollination and to encourage biodiversity – any honey is a bonus!
We’ll have to wait until later in the summer to see. In the meantime, we’re hoping to capture three more swarms for the other hives.

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