Letters of the 4 seasons

Summer letter 2002

Number : 5

The grape-harvest is a time of maximum excitement. And what a harvest! The kind we always dream about but seldom see in one lifetime... The oldsters are making comparisons with legendary years like 1947, 1961 and 1990. And it's true that this year everything miraculously came together: a dry and early spring, a summer equally dry and sun-drenched, vineyard work all carried out by the book, green harvesting in every plot.... On the eve of the harvest, kindly winds and weather conditions did the rest. The result was a healthy crop, exceptionally well-matured as regards both its physical and its analytic condition (even the later-picked white grapes), "millerandage"*, remarkable balance between acidity and tannins, and low yields... Vinification brought out intense coloration, great richness and concentration, wines which even at this early stage showed considerable suppleness.

The Boisset family with manager Pascal Marchand, head grower Bernard Zito, and the rest of the team at Le Domaine de la Vougeraie.

5th letter

Spring letter 2002

Number : 4

This fourth number of our newsletter marks its first birthday.  We hope you have appreciated hearing from Le Domaine de la Vougeraie through the seasons.  This letter celebrates the springtime we have just enjoyed - a perfect spring for the vines.


For over a year now our wines have been finding favour all over the world, but we would also like to share with you something of our philosophy and our motivations, and to bring you up to date with the activities of the Domaine – and that is what we hope to do in this letter.


It give us great satisfaction to keep in contact in this way with all those – sommeliers, customers, retail outlets, sales people – who know and appreciate our wines.  In which spirit, we thank you for your loyalty, and we wish you a fine summer.

4th letter

Winter letter 2001-2002

Number : 3

At this early stage of the year, whilst our harsh continental winter is quietly tip-toeing away, we are happy to share the important moments of this third season together with you, which in spite of its lack of climactic nuances, still warms our hearts… Because after the very good 2001 harvest, the winter which has been good for the vines, the barrel maturation which is turning out well, what more can one ask for regarding this vintage!

The 2000s will soon be ready, leaving three months for the cellars to breathe to make way for the next batch of autumnal occupants…

But it’s a long story, and before that, spring looks as though it will be early bringing with it all the work necessary in the vines, when one has to be everywhere at the same time! It’ll be upon us sooner than we think…

3rd letter

Autumn letter 2001

Number : 2

On the eve of the festive season here is the Autumn letter, or rather a leaf out of the autumnal book, that records the birth of our third vintage, the 2001. Whilst the 1999 have almost all flown away, the 2000 are being bottled, the cellar, nice and cold in the prelude to winter, has already revealed rather different wines brought together under the now familiar name of the Domaine de la Vougeraie.

Three vintages, three personalities: 1999, our maiden vintage is one for keeping, but not altogether classical. While certain wines are to be drunk young and fruity, others are to be kept – it all depends on the appellation!  Our 2000s are fuller, more forward and quite approachable in their youth. As for the most recent addition to the family, the 2001 seems to be showing the most structure of the three and thus the one to keep… The following articles will tell you a little more about life on the estate over the last three months.

After the effervescence of the harvest, a feeling of plenitude reigns at the moment. We would like to share this feeling with you and from the bottom of our hearts wish you a very happy 2002, filled with joy.

2scd letter

Summer letter 2001

Number : 1

We are pleased to announce the first issue of Le Domaine de la Vougeraie newsletter.  It will be published every  at three months to keep you in touch with our daily occupations and preoccupations here in Burgundy, season by season, as seen from the heart of our vineyards and right next to the cellars where are our wines undergoing elevage.  So we shall be letting you know how they are getting on - and even in some cases getting away, since the first allocation has already left the cellars.  It is an exciting time for all of us.  Eighteen months ago we announced the creation of Le Domaine de la Vougeraie and already our "children" are leaving the nest to make their way in the world and to delight the palates of wine-lovers everywhere.  But in so doing, they are spinning a fine web which connects us to you, as subtle and as elegant as the spirit of wine itself.

1st letter

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