# Corton-Charlemagne 2008

The destiny of this vineyard, a gift from the emperor Charlemagne to the Canons of the Collegiate of Saint-Andoche at Saulieu, in 775, was truly exceptional in that it remained in the hands of this religious community for over 1000 years. Chardonnay reigns supreme. On its journey across the palate it is elevated and accomplished, with body and bouquet melting together superbly. Smooth and dry, firm yet gentle, deep and structured, this is a wine of undeniable character and grace.


Harvest date: October 1st, 2008 (root day).
Healthy crop.
Selection: hand-sorted in the vineyard and on arrival in the winery.


Pressurage of entire slusters for 2 hours 30.
Settling: 22 hours at 14°
Slow and complete fermentation in barrels.
Alcoholic fermentation: 4 months
Pneumatic press.


Length: 20 months in barrels.
Percentage of new barrels: 50 %
Toasting: medium heat.
Source of wood: Allier
Stirring of the lees: twice a month during the fruit days and rising moon until December.
No racked.
Light and soft fining and soft filtration.


By gravity.
May 4th, 2010.
Limited to 1.123 bottles and 90 magnums.



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