New packaging, organic cases for our wine.

With a neutral aspect, the new box is untinted, having the natural color of the card. It is  unbleached, uses water-based ink for the logo, is made exclusively from recycled paper, and has no UV varnish. It is therefore 100% recyclable with a minimal impact on the environment.

For total transparency and a clear message, we have chosen three special logos for the base of the box:

  1. This logo means that the material is reusable. It can be recycled, or burnt in energy-producing plants.
  2. The eco-packaging logo, or “adelphe”, attests to our contribution per package to encourage the development of recycling in France.
  3. Lastly this tree logo is an esthetic way of showing that the cardboard comes from recycled paper.

We also took the opportunity to make the packaging more practical. The six-bottle box will henceforth be flat allowing for easier storage in the cellar. And as a final technical detail, the tamper-proof seal is a simple tear-off system.

All our other boxes (12 bottles for the USA, 12 half-bottles, and 3 magnums), will switch over to this natural packaging as previous stocks are exhausted.

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