Photography competition, “Le Clos Blanc” – take two

This year, we are relaunching the competition to photograph our emblematic wine, the Vougeot Premier Cru Le Clos Blanc de Vougeot Monopole, and we look forward to receiving your submissions and showing your work. The winner will be rewarded with a magnificent magnum of Clos Blanc!

Last year, you illustrated the world’s capital cities for us but this time, we are giving free rein to your imagination. The “mystical and mythical” Clos Blanc, the former holy wine of the monks of Cîteaux, deserves whatever light you choose to shed on its exceptional personality. Give us your interpretation of this “diamond set within rubies”, this great white wine from a Côte of reds, a generous and mineral gold nectar, and draw upon the eternal influences we are constantly seeking to magnify. Create an image of the bottle, that is your mission!

Send us your high-definition files before 30 June and we will announce the winner in the next letter in July.

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