Family Inspiration

Pierre VincentJean-Claude and Claudine Boisset acquired their first vines in 1964 and nearly 40 years later keep an attentive eye on the estate’s destiny. We, their children, Jean-Charles and Nathalie, take care of everyday operations. Jean-Charles is in charge of development and Nathalie is responsible publicity and PR to ensure the family estate attains the reputation it deserves.

Alongside us, some 20 people follow the seasons in the vine and the life of the Domaine.

Winemaker Pascal Marchand handed over the reins in 2006 to Pierre Vincent, from now on the orchestra leader at the Domaine de la Vougeraie. He is the link between the vine and the winery where, every day, cellarmen work in cloistered silence to help bring these precious and fragile liquids to the light of the world, one day far in the future when they will become the exquisite accompaniment to fine food.

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