Fête de Famille

Fête de Famille


Fond Violland
Surface: 1,0587 ha
Geographical situation: parcel in a coomb (route de Bouze-lès-Beaune)
Exposure: West-facing

Here is our first Vin de Fête, a sparkling version of the wines from the family estate.

Created in the uncompromising spirit of la Vougeraie, it comes from one of our vineyards amidst the wilds of nature, which is amply reflected in the wine. The grape variety is the classic Pinot Noir, harvested when still slightly acid then subtly vinified using the traditional method.
The bubbles in the pure Pinot Noir bring out its delicacy and its aromatic expression, and through its intensity and depth, it reveals the noble origins of the Burgundy terroir.

The sparkling wine was made in the greatest secrecy alongside our still wines, for the great pleasure of those who appreciate the elegant and unforgettable.
This wine is a celebration, it’s our family gathering; authentic, warm, uplifting, an exceptional vintage cuvée to accompany the most emotional occasions.


Grape variety: 100% Pinot Noir
Soil and subsoil: Red, very rich in iron. Silty soil, very pebbly at the top of the plot
Planting density: 10 000 vines / ha
Total surface: 0,25 ha
Yield: 27 hl / ha
Rootstock: only clones.
Pest management since 1995
Organic agriculture: since 1998. Received official approval in 1999
Training style: Guyot


The Domaine de la Vougeraie is proud to present its very first crémant de Bourgogne, “Fête de Famille”, named in homage to the delicate bubble that is the faithful companion to life’s celebrations. But its fun name should not overshadow the seriousness of this wine and the hard work and passion invested in it. The idea came about some years ago when the Domaine de la Vougeraie team was inspired by a particular plot with all the right characteristics to produce a festive wine. Five years on, Fête de Famille reveals a character worthy of the very best cuvées. Born from Burgundy’s unique terroir, and a sparkling reflection of the diversity of the estate’s vines, this masterfully-produced crémant is intense, festive and enigmatic. In a word – unforgettable.

This wine could equally have been baptized “Secret de Famille” because for all these years, it has been shrouded in mystery. Made with the utmost discretion and aged over time, this first wine was in fact, destined to be a test of an unusual plot of vines whose potential expression of delicate fruits and powerful terroir promised a fabulous crémant. But over the months, its personality has grown more powerful and been refined by ageing on lattes – the special wooden shelves used for storing bubbly – and a desire has grown to share this wine, despite the limited quantity available with just 800 bottles of the 2003 vintage. The 2002 is still in the process of rounding out its character – it’s the wine itself which decides the perfect moment to be tasted.

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