What wines to drink now?

That’s the big question when it comes to opening a bottle
because it depends on thetasting at domaine de la vougeraie vintage, the storage of the wine, and also on one’s own personal taste. We are frequently tasting our wines, so we have a very precise idea of how they will evolve if kept in the best conditions and drunk at the right temperature.

Each vintage is unique in Burgundy, especially as we work hand in hand with Mother Nature. Here are our tips, starting with wines that are at their best right now, then those that can wait a little longer:

Firstly, the 2007s, both white and red
Very open, harmonious and well balanced
There is still fruit there, but some of the aromas are already ageing
From village appellations to grand crus

If you still have any Bourgogne Terres de Famille in the cellar, drink it quickly because now is the right time!

Then the 2006s: a little less open, but there is still acidity
Then the 2009s: this extremely concentrated vintage can wait a while. It is still a little closed and needs to round off

Vintages to uncork in order of preference:

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