2011: A very pleasing vintage

Capsule-Domaine-de-la-Vougeraie_RedimensionnerThe last reds of this vintage were bottled in early February. The whites, which finished their malolactic fermentation in December, followed in early April. They enjoyed long ageing of 14 months in the barrel and four months in vats to harmonize the different characteristics of each barrel in one single cuvée, with the quest – as always – for purity, sophistication and perfectly integrated oak.

The Clos Blanc, our gem of a wine, will enjoy two extra months in the vat for even greater harmony.

The 2011 wines will be delivered as planned in September, after resting for 5-6 months, which is essential after the shock of bottling. Moreover, we prefer not to deliver wines in summer because, despite all our precautions, they could be exposed to heat.

The 2011 vintage could be described as “normal” in terms of volumes, with an average yield of 30hl/ha for the reds and 40hl/ha for the whites. Given the complex nature of the raw materials, we performed this feat thanks to strict sorting and the percentage of grapes that were fermented in whole bunches, which resulted in wonderful wines, particularly for the major appellations. The vintage is characterized by a low degree of alcohol and low acidity making for balanced wines to drink relatively young. The whites, which are a little less acid than the 2010s, offer less keeping potential than older vintages.

2011 is also the first vintage for our precious grand cru Bâtard-Montrachet.