The 2013 harvest is remembered as long and late. Picking started on 26 September and ended on 14 October, stretching over nearly three tricky weeks with changeable damp, cool weather which threatened maturity and led to some rot. This meant rigorous sorting was essential to adapt to a very challenging vintage for the winemaker.

The overall result of this vintage is positive, but quite contrasting, since the fruit was very variable from one plot to another. And for the fourth consecutive year, the diminished harvests produced a low yield of juice, with lots of millerandage due to uneven flowering in June.

The vines hit by hail in Beaune gave low quantities, but despite everything, produced some nice surprises. The Côte de Nuits was more satisfactory in terms of quality and quantity.

A good proportion of the fruit could be vinified in whole bunches thanks to good phenolic maturity. And nice acidity suggested these wines could have good ageing potential, further underlined by the concentration observed when the reds were de-vatted.

The wines turned out to be very pure, forthright, and tempting. The whites are fruity, crisp, and floral with pleasing minerality. The reds offer great elegance and complexity: Those from Beaune are rich and concentrated, whereas the style from the Côte de Nuits is all about blackcurrant and other black berries and spices. These distinct characters result in genuine personality for well-balanced, delicious wines, pleasant when young, with smooth tannins and great finesse. The 2013 vintage is characterized by good acidity, which recalls the 2010 but with more openness, a little like the 2007s or 2011s.