Biodynamic preparations

Preparation “500” – Manure and cow horn
Cow dung packed into horns buried in the soil over winter and then diluted in water following the principles of dynamization and then sprayed on a “root” day. This invigorates and gives good structure, improves soil condition, promotes the activity of microbes in the soil and the formation of humus, and encourages the roots to grow and develop depth.

Maria Thun preparation
Cow dung compost left in the soil over winter. Only has an effect on the soil, dynamized in water.

Preparation 501 – horn-quartz
Quartz powder diluted in water, dynamized and then sprayed on the vines on “root” and “flower” days. This is a “light” element that only has an effect on the plant’s foliage activity. Depending on the frequency and the period, it improves photosynthesis, resistance to disease and insects, helps heal wounds, encourages maturation and flowering and helps concentrate the grape’s future aromas.

Preparation of coating water
This is a mixture of three preparations: Maria Thun compost, goat’s milk whey and clay, diluted in rainwater and then dynamized. It has to be used within 48 hours on a “fruit” day. It has a healing effect after pruning. The bacteria from the whey clean the wood, acting like a natural disinfectant and protecting the vines against certain diseases that have a degenerative effect on the wood such as esca. It provides nutrients and reinforces the vitality of the soil’s microorganisms. Coating water can be compared to a vitamin treatment to bolster one’s immune system.

Plants, flowers, leaves and bark are gathered fresh close by the estate to preserve all their properties. They are macerated in boiled water for 20 minutes and then filtered. This highly-concentrated preparation is then diluted and mixed with Bordeaux mixture and used within 24 hours.

Bordeaux mixture
Copper & sulfur against mold
Copper for protection against mildew
Sulfur against oidium