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Vine goes on!

During this exceptional period of self-isolation, fortunately we can still work in the vines, which continue to follow the rhythm of nature, oblivious to mankind’s confinement. As such, the whole team is outside, bent over the rows, since the fine spring weather means growth is getting off to a quick start. After pruning, which will […]

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Vendanges 2008- Clos Blanc ven 26 sep @domaine de la Vougeraie

Winemaking of the white wines

The handpicked bunches of Chardonnay grapes are slowly pressed at low pressure in whole bunches for around three hours. The must is then left to settle in a stainless-steel vat for between 12-24 hours depending on the year, in order to allow the heaviest lees to settle naturally at the bottom. This process is known […]

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Musigny 2010: the best!

The British publication, The World of Fine Wine, has just awarded the very high score of 19/20 to our Musigny 2010, one of the best of the best Burgundy grand crus. The exacting palates of the Masters of Wine who judged it noted the magnificence of the 2010 vintage and the sophisticated, fresh and elegant expression […]

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Born in 1999…

The Domaine de la Vougeraie was created in 1999 from a decision to regroup all the family’s vineyards in the area into a single entity. The “Vougeraie”, the family home, is a symbol of filiation – from our grandfather, Louis Boisset, through Jean-Claude, his son and today to Nathalie and Jean-Charles, his grandchildren, the driving […]

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Pierre Vincent vendanges 2007

Winemaking of the red wines

The more natural the vinification, the more precise one must be in terms of selecting the dates for harvest. Weekly checks in the vines ensure the perfect balance between the sugar level, the pH and the total acidity, and tell us when is the time is right. The harvest is entirely manual with grapes transported […]

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Manual sorting

The winery

Ideally located between the two côtes in the village of Premeaux, half way between the whites and the reds, the winery was totally refitted for the 2000 vintage when everything was modified to preserve the integrity of the grapes, the essence of the terroir. A complete reception line for the incoming harvest This comprises a […]

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Domaine de la Vougeraie Rue de l’Eglise 21700 Premeaux Prissey – France Visits exclusively for the trade by appointement Telephone : 03 80 62 48 25 Fax : 03 80 61 25 44 Mail : View Domaine de la Vougeraie on a larger map.

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Pierre Vincent

Family Inspiration

Jean-Claude and Claudine Boisset acquired their first vines in 1964 and nearly 40 years later keep an attentive eye on the estate’s destiny. We, their children, Jean-Charles and Nathalie, take care of everyday operations. Jean-Charles is in charge of development and Nathalie is responsible publicity and PR to ensure the family estate attains the reputation […]

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Le Domaine de la Vougeraie

Wine and Burgundy long ago formed an inseparable bond. Whether pagan or divine, the land and its wine here are united for the best and for always.

At the dawn of the third millennium, the Domaine de la Vougeraie was founded. A family affair, at once a boutique operation and one of the great names on both the Côte de Nuits and the Côte de Beaune.

The symbolic vintage of 1999 was the first to bear the new estate’s name on the label. An estate guided by the light over the vineyards and the light in its wines, true to the Cistercian spirit which hung over the first vintners, so long ago. The Domaine de La Vougeraie starts from the vine, continues in the cellar, and carries on far beyond in the pleasure of tasting.

Like each of us, our wines are whole entities; deep yet joyous, straightforward but complex, in a word: Authentic.

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[caption id="attachment_1529" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Nathalie & Jean-Charles Boisset"]Nathalie & Jean-Charles Boisset[/caption]
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