The Vintages


After the low yields of the 2016 vintage, it’s as if nature wanted to make up for the shortfall and console us with an abundance of fruit as never seen before. Some mean-spirited types see this as an over-abundance, but we are delighted with the big harvest. And for the first time, we finally have […]

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The last bottling of the 2016 vintage was carried out in the week of 23 April, respecting the tradition of ending with the monopole of Le Clos Blanc de Vougeot. This wine is always the last to go into bottles, in keeping with the languid pace of its fermentation, and demonstrating year after year that Burgundy whites […]

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Starting on 28 August in the sun and ending on 15 September in fall showers, the 2015 harvests were memorable in many ways, and can be summed up in one word: exceptional. Most winemakers agree, this was the best year in living memory. And this, despite flirting with disaster in the summer. But in a twist […]

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The 2014 vintage was one of superlatives. And yet, the year nearly turned into a disaster! Everything started out well, with an early and sunny spring and a wonderful flowering season. Then a cold and rainy summer nearly ruined everything. Fortunately, the sun and a miraculous wind in early September saved this abundant and healthy […]

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The 2013 harvest is remembered as long and late. Picking started on 26 September and ended on 14 October, stretching over nearly three tricky weeks with changeable damp, cool weather which threatened maturity and led to some rot. This meant rigorous sorting was essential to adapt to a very challenging vintage for the winemaker. The overall result […]

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2012: the sumptuous vintage: a rare gem!

Superlatives are called for to describe 2012. The lovely 2012 vintage confirms its similarities with the outstanding 2005; very concentrated, very rich, its delicacy underscored by a delightful freshness. This blessed vintage confirms its altogether exceptional greatness. The wines are very concentrated, with lots of body and fruit, and superb balance between sugar and acidity thanks to the excellent […]

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Capsule Domaine de la Vougeraie

2011: A very pleasing vintage

The last reds of this vintage were bottled in early February. The whites, which finished their malolactic fermentation in December, followed in early April. They enjoyed long ageing of 14 months in the barrel and four months in vats to harmonize the different characteristics of each barrel in one single cuvée, with the quest – […]

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Domaine de la Vougeraie cellar

2010: A highly-accomplished style.

Ageing the 2010s has been longer and so consistent that we could definitely call it “regal” – “I’m over the moon!” says Pierre. And he has good reason to be, because each stage led gently into the next. The barrels were topped up from time to time and they enjoyed little sprinklings of sulfur every […]

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2009: A blessed year!

This was a magnificent growing season with full flowering, healthy, concentrated and balanced grapes, dream weather, yields for once at the high end of expectations, perfect vinification, dense colors and bursting aromas. In other words a generous year, and after three difficult vintages, one to be savored. Harvesting started on a “fruit” day in the […]

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Vendanges 2008- 009 15e jour compressee

2008: A devilishly tricky vintage!

A miraculous window opened for the harvests, with sun and a north wind which saved a crop that had struggled to reach maturity. Highly unstable weather conditions encouraged chlorosis and mildew, and meant drastic sorting was required. Despite uneven flowering, shatter, and lower yields, the quality of the sorted grapes was promising: Potential alcohol was […]

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4 sept 2007 - 35

2007: A perilous year…

A mild winter, a warm springtime and a cold and wet summer provoked a very early budburst but also encouraged patches of rot on the reds which had to be radically quality-controlled. The result was a real variation between plots which made us even more vigilant regarding treatments in the vines where phytotherapy was the […]

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Vendangeuse 2006 domaine de la Vougeraie

2006: Gourmet sophistication.

The 2006 vintage has now confirmed its excellence, and yet nature did not spoil us that year. The long and hard winter, the damp and cold spring and the late frosts made for difficult and somewhat chaotic work in the vines. Fortunately, the fine weather suddenly burst forth, requiring us to prune out the suckers […]

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2005: Seventh vintage, seventh heaven!

Everything was exceptional in 2005 – both quantity and quality. All the work in the vines was carried out with a serenity we hadn’t seen in a long while, despite the winter cold. Apart from two hail storms over Vougeot, when harvest time came around, the vines were in wonderful health with very ripe grapes […]

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2004: The challenge!

A bad memory for the winemakers. This year, which brought together all kinds of climatic calamities, was particularly chaotic; a year of challenges and a year for reflection. In other words, a very difficult vintage. Mother Nature threw everything she had at us: It hailed on virtually every plot, as much as three times on […]

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2003: Exuberance!

In this heatwave year, harvesting began on 21 August – earlier than in living memory. The winter, which was too mild and then extremely cold, was forgotten in the face of a bright, dry spring followed by that incredible summer. There were late frosts, a contained outbreak of powdery mildew, and we had to work […]

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2002: Balance!

In springtime, the vines flowered with voluptuous blossoms, flirting with yet never succumbing to the risks of nature until the final grapes were harvested. The 2002 cycle was particularly early, including the vendanges when the nights turned fresh. Thick dark skins and millerandage produced extraordinarily high-quality grapes, a concentration encouraged by drought. The future wines […]

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2001: The whims of nature.

  The ups and downs in the weather, which created several outbreaks of both downy and powdery mildew, proved a real headache in terms of treatment. Storms and rain held up veraison for three weeks, encouraging irregularities in flowering. These irregularities were reflected in the maturity of the grapes at harvest time making scheduling picking […]

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2000: Wonderfully rounded.

The rigorous work carried out throughout the year on the vines finally bore fruit. And what fruit it was! The harvest was superb with the healthiest and ripest grapes one could wish for, which gave incredible concentration. Our systematic sorting helped minimize the impact of the poor weather. The rather early harvest produced high degrees […]

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1999: A powerful, tender and rich vintage.

The Domaine de la Vougeraie’s first vintage in 1999 was a generous one right across Burgundy, and is emblematic of the house style. The 1999 millésime particularly suited the Vougeot terroir: the Clos Vougeot, from where we obtained a wine perfectly combining finesse and strength; the stately Musigny yielding just three-and-a-half pièces, which impressed us […]

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