harvesting 2017

Day 19 – Friday 15 September 2017

Number : 19 - The end of the harvest!

This morning, for the last day of the harvest, the sky was thick with low clouds and it was cold – just 8°C (46°F). Rain showers alternated with the sun, which kept trying to peek out from behind the gray clouds...

19 - Vendredi 15 09 2017 - A


Day 18 Thursday – 14 September 2017

Number : 18 - It’s a wrap on the Côte de Nuits!

This morning, the Côte de Nuits team finished off our last two plots Gevrey-Chambertin Les Evocelles, the oldest and most northerly ones. The weather was awful, with torrential rain, but fortunately not enough to spoil the grapes.

18 - Jeudi 14-09-2017 - A

echantillons clos blanc

Day 17 Wednesday 13 September 2017

Number : 17 - The wind is getting up…

We approached the end of the 2017 harvest today, under a leaden, rainy sky. For the past two days, it’s been very chilly in the morning in the vines. The weather is so important for those who stoop low in the rows of vines to gather the fruit of a year of hard work – itself also very dependent on the weather...

17 - Mercredi 13-09-2017 - A

Day 16 – Tuesday 12 September 2017

Number : 16 - Only a few more days…

The scent of fermentation wafts through the air, announcing the end of the work in the vines, while in the winery and the cellars it’s a different story altogether.

16 - Mardi 12-09-2017 - A

Day 15 – Monday 11 September 2017

Number : 15 - A family affair

With two weeks of harvesting already behind us, we are attacking a third in chilly sunshine, on a second “fruit” day in the lunar calendar. We can’t wait to have all the grapes in, because the fermentations are coming to an end and de-vatting awaits.

15 - Lundi 11-09-2017 - A


Days 13 and 14 – Saturday 9 & Sunday 10 September 2017

Number : 13 & 14 - Aromatic fermentations

Saturday. As Hurricane Irma leaves a trail of destruction in Saint Barth and Saint Martin some 4,000 miles away, the thoughts of our pickers are with our friends overseas. Here in Burgundy, we’re far from the tropical heat, with fall having made a sudden arrival with decidedly chilly mornings and blustery, gray afternoons...

13 -14 - Sam & dim 09 & 10-09-2017 - A

au domaine de la Vougeraie

Day 12 – Friday 8 September 2017

Number : 12 - Grand crus – after the full moon and before the rain!

The morning was drab and chilly at just 15°C (59°F) as summer draws to a close, yet the vines are still mostly green. The sun made a brief appearance in the middle of the day, but showers were forecast, so we decided to bring in as many grand crus as we could....

12-Vendredi 08-09-2017 - A

Day Eleven – Thursday 7 September 2017

Number : 11 - Concerto for grapes!

It’s both quality and quantity for the 2017 vintage! Reds, whites, Côte de Beaune, Côte de Nuits – an uninterrupted flow is submerging the sorting table. Three teams of pickers are hard at work in the vines, and the winery crew has been on the go since 7:00am this morning.

11- Jeudi 07-09-2017 - A

Day Ten – Wednesday 6 September 2017

Number : 10 - Premier and grand crus in the sunshine!

As a result, by mid-morning a team of 20 Romanians was hard at work in the large plot of L’Héritier in Le Clos Vougeot, a hectare to the left of the path leading to the chateau.

10- Mercredi 06-09-2017 - A

une ejune onologue

Day nine -Tuesday 5 September 2017

Number : 9 - Nature unchained

It was a strange feeling going out this morning: It was warmer outside than indoors, with a distinct humidity that made it feel like the tropics! The night had been exceptionally warm at 20°C (68°F), and the close, stormy atmosphere stayed with us all day under threatening gray clouds.

9 - Mardi 05-09-2017 - A

vendanges 2017 domaine de la vougeraie

Day eight – Monday 4 September 2017

Number : 8 - Back to school!

This morning, the children went back to school after the summer recess, the grapes came into the winery, and the pickers returned to the vines, where many other teams were out on the slopes of the Côte de Beaune in particular.

8- Lundi 04-09-2017 - A

caisse de raisin

Days six and seven – Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 September 2017

Number : 6 & 7 - A weekend in the winery

We are waiting for maturity levels to rise before continuing the harvests, so we made the most of the weekend to allow nature to work its magic.

6 & 7 - Samedi_dimanche 02_ 03-09-17 -A

clos blanc de vougeot 1 sept 2017

Day five – Friday 1 September 2017

Number : 5- White and red

Cool, changeable weather nonetheless provided some wonderful light and bright blue sky between the clouds on this new day of harvesting. This was the second “fruit” day in the lunar calendar to occur during the 2017 harvest period, and was perfect for picking...

5- Vendredi 01-09-17 - A


Day Four – Thursday 31 August 2017

Number : 4- The winery hits cruising speed

The overnight rain cooled the atmosphere, and on the last day of August, the seasons suddenly seemed to have turned: It was just 11°C (52°F) at 8 o’clock this morning, with gray skies under heavy cloud. The pickers had swapped their shorts and sneakers for rain gear and boots....

4- Jeudi 31-08-17 -A

Day three – Wednesday 30 August 2017

Number : 3 - Red and white on the Côte de Beaune

The heatwave was already blanketing the Côte as the sun rose, but rain was forecast for the evening with hail bearing down. We are hurrying to get the ripest and most prestigious plots picked to preserve concentration and avoid dilution at all costs.

3- Mercredi 30-08-17 - A


Day two – Tuesday 29 August 2017

Number : 2 - Grand Crus before the rain!

Another searingly hot day (35°C/95°F), as the pickers bowed to gather some lovely, healthy grapes with nice millerandage – the phenomenon of large and very small berries that provides concentration. A very tough physical feat for these sun-worshippers.

2 -mardi 29-08-17- A

Day one – Monday 28 August 2017

Number : 1 - Some like it hot!

This year’ grape harvest began under an azure sky and in scorching sun, the 19th vintage at the Domaine de la Vougeraie. How time flies!

1 - lundi 28-08-17 - A