# Beaune 2004


Harvest date: September 30th, 2004.
Meticulously hand-sorted. Almost 30 % of the harvest eliminated because of the oïdium and the rot.


Pressing: whole bunches, upholding higher levels of presssure for longer than usual.
Settling: 24 h at 14° C
Slow and complete fermentation in barrels.
Alcoholic fermentation: 3 months and malolactic fermentation until March 2005.


Length: 13 months in barrels and 3 months in stainless steel tanks.
Percentage of new barrels: 25 %
Toasting: medium heat.
Source of wood: Allier
Once a week from Christmas to Easter, stirring of the lees.
Barrels racked once after the malolactic fermentation.
Light and soft fining with bentonite and casein. Rough earth filtration.

Mise en bouteille

March 22nd, 2006.
Limited to 2.294 bottles.