Le Domaine de la Vougeraie

Wine and Burgundy long ago formed an inseparable bond. Whether pagan or divine, the land and its wine here are united for the best and for always.

At the dawn of the third millennium, the Domaine de la Vougeraie was founded. A family affair, at once a boutique operation and one of the great names on both the Côte de Nuits and the Côte de Beaune.

The symbolic vintage of 1999 was the first to bear the new estate’s name on the label. An estate guided by the light over the vineyards and the light in its wines, true to the Cistercian spirit which hung over the first vintners, so long ago. The Domaine de La Vougeraie starts from the vine, continues in the cellar, and carries on far beyond in the pleasure of tasting.

Like each of us, our wines are whole entities; deep yet joyous, straightforward but complex, in a word: Authentic.