Vaumuriens Mur, Déversoir, Bas et Dessus
Surface: 0,5547 ha
Geographic situation: 4 small sloped parcels in various locations and exposures.
Exposure: North-facing
Plantings: 1959/1960 1961/1962 1970/1971 1982/1983

En Mareaux
Surface: 0,1081 ha
Geographical situation: parcel on slope.
Exposure: North-facing
Plantings: 1958/1959

La Croix Planet
Surface: 0,223 ha
Geographical situation: flat parcel
Exposure: South-facing
Plantings: 1929/1930 1972/1973

Les Charmots
Surface: 0,1915 ha
Geographical situation: small parcel in terrasse
Exposure: South-facing
Plantings: 1924/1925

Locals used to say “You’re not yet at the Croix de Pommard”, meaning that your troubles aren’t yet over, as there was a tricky ford to cross on the road between Beaune and Chagny, with Pommard still some way off. Times have changed and Pommard is now easily accessible, just like its wines. Since the middle ages it is known as “the flower of côte de Beaune wines”, a sobriquet that still applies today.


Geographic situation: The Pommard appellation is bordered by several Premiers Crus, on soil that is either clayey, silty, calcareous and pebbly, offering good natural drainage (at the base of the slope), or more distinctly calcareous further up.
Our Pommard comes from four different parcels which together sum up the appellation. Les Vaumuriens Hauts and Bas are right at the border between Pommard and Volnay; they are the closest neighbours to the renowned Les Rugiens parcel just below. La Croix-Planet is also close to Volnay, but lower down the hill. Les Charmots, a Premier Cru vineyard, is a terraced plot, fairly high up and near the centre of the appellation, alongside the hillside on the way up to Saint-Romain and adjacent to Les Noizons. En Mareaux is on the opposite side of the coomb, facing Beaune.
Grape variety: 100% Pinot Noir
Soil and subsoil: clayey, silty soil, fairly calcareous with lots of pebbles.
Planting density: 10 000 vines / ha excepted for les Vaumuriens Bas : 11 111,11 vines / ha
Total surface: 1,08 ha
Yield: 49 hl / ha
Rootstock: massal selection only.
Pest management since 1995
Organic agriculture. Received official approval in 2000.
Training style: Guyot
Vineyard news: Sanitary state very healthy due to a favorable forecast.


Pommard has been renowned since the early middle ages, and gained a world-wide reputation in the 19th century as an excellent wine with a forceful character. Its name is easy to pronounce, it fills glasses easily and satisfies the palate. Furthermore, it travels well, and is now considered as representative of a typical Burgundy: a faithful red wine, meant to lay down.