Located between Meursault and Chassagne-Montrachet, just above the village of Puligny, our two little plots are located on the slopes close by some of the most famous premier crus, and right alongside two grand crus. To obtain its wonderful balance, this wine marries these two climats that are vinified and aged separately before being blended into something sublime. The younger vines, which were planted in 2006, bring freshness. The remaining two-thirds of the vines, which were planted in 1956, provide the structure. This is a very floral and pure wine with a lovely smoothness on the tongue.

La Rue aux Vaches
Surface area: 0.4567 hectares
Facing: Est
Planted: 2006

Noyer Bret
Surface area: 0.2719 hectares
Facing: Est
Planted: 1956

The villages of Puligny and Chassagne share the fabulous Montrachet appellation which straddles the two. And it’s hard to imagine a more beautiful bottle to act as a figurehead. No other wine offers such dazzle and harmony, with body, bouquet, and a color like liquid gold. The wines of these two villages are heaven sent, and are produced from vines grown close by the grand crus, sharing their virtues and blessings.


Varietal: 100% chardonnay
Soil and subsoil: Thick brown clay limestone.
Total area: 0.7286 hectare
Plantation density: 10 000 pieds / ha
Pruning system: Guyot
Latest news from the vineyard: Gaps in the vines have recently been replanted. The plants are earthed up in the winter, and are sprayed with a nettle and rhubarb infusion, and preparations of horsetail and silica, tansy, sage, and yarrow. They are treated with biodynamic preparations 500 and 501 at the end of winter and in the spring, and again with 501 before flowering. They are thinned out in the spring.


The Abbey at Cluny moved into Puligny as long ago as 1095, and set about developing winegrowing there. The estate belonged to the Mypont family, then to the Dukes of Burgundy at the time of Philip the Bold, and then to Burgundian lawmakers.