Vosne-Romanee Aux Champs Perdrix


Surface : 0.1381 ha
Location : haut de côteau
Exposure : East
Plantation : 1981/1982
Grape variety : 100% Pinot Noir
Density of planting : 10 000 feet / ha
Plant material : 100% mass selection
Size : Guyot

If a climate dominates the situation at Vosne-Romanée, it is this: At the Perdrix Fields. On the hillside, around 330 meters above sea level, it extends directly the ascent of the Grands Crus: La Grande Rue, La Tâche. Only a road separates it from La Romanée, La Romanée-Conti, at the height of the Raignots of which it is contiguous and of the Petits Monts classified in Premiers Crus. It is located at the level of Damodes in Nuits-Saint-Georges, climate belonging to the same Domaine. At the top of the hillside, this plot of nearly four works (13 to 81 acres) offers a unique panorama on the absolute excellence of pinot noir. Are you going through that? If luck guides you, but it is not uncommon, you will discover the wonderful panorama, high on the horizon, of the Aravis Chain and Mont Blanc often pink very early in the morning or illuminated by the setting sun.


Champs Perdrix, this name is quite common in the Côte de Nuits, found in the historic vineyards of Dijon, as well as in Couchey, Fixin, Vosne-Romanée, Nuits-Saint-Georges. It refers to a sloping land where limestone is abundant. The roots must look far into the soil for their food. Let us simply say it, for we must always remain serious when speaking of a great wine, these birds have nothing to do with it. But let us accept it by reminding us of a story that can not be hidden from you. At the beginning of the XIXth century a dish was a rage in Paris: the Partridge in the fashion of Alcantara. Why ? An illustrious Napoleonic and Burgundian general, Andoche Junot had plundered the monastery of Alcantara in Spain and had brought back only one warrant of war: the cookbook of the monks and the art of preparing this famous Partridge. We are Bourguignon or we are not! Become it, it is so simple and try the adventure of a partridge Vosne-Romanée Champs Perdrix.
"There are no common wines at Vosne," writes the Abbe Courtepée in the eighteenth century. It is no better to say, in a marvelous economy of words. All the future praises of which this vineyard touched by grace will appear weak in view of this flamboyant observation. No village of the Coast does indeed bring so many enchantments. "Burgundy," Roupnel concluded, "has done nothing better. Velvet and distinction are the main features of the character of the Partridge Fields. The humus and the undergrowth often nuance their aromas under the flame and the dress, as well as the cherry with brandy, peony, leather and fur according to the virtues of the age”.