2000: Wonderfully rounded.

The rigorous work carried out throughout the year on the vines finally bore fruit. And what fruit it was! The harvest was superb with the healthiest and ripest grapes one could wish for, which gave incredible concentration. Our systematic sorting helped minimize the impact of the poor weather.

The rather early harvest produced high degrees of potential alcohol and fairly low acidity indicating a wine to be enjoyed in its youth. Nonetheless, our new vinification equipment allowed us to emphasize the body of the wine more, with greater hints of tannin.

The wines of 2000 – a round number that suits their character. At the Domaine de la Vougeraie as well as right across Burgundy, it was a year for the whites. They were bottled first, just before the 2001 harvest, to keep all their freshness. And for 2000, we will always remember the 30 ares of Le Clos Blanc covered with violet phacelia flowers to enrich the soil before it was replanted with vines.