2001: The whims of nature.


The ups and downs in the weather, which created several outbreaks of both downy and powdery mildew, proved a real headache in terms of treatment. Storms and rain held up veraison for three weeks, encouraging irregularities in flowering.

These irregularities were reflected in the maturity of the grapes at harvest time making scheduling picking even more critical and complicated. The first snip of the secateurs took place on 24 September, a week after the official start date but under sunny skies.


Our celebrated Clos Blanc enjoyed two kinds of pressing; one champenois-style with several phases of successive pressings giving different characteristics; and another more classic pressing, offering  complementary characteristics which emerged during the ageing process. Color was a point of concern during vinification, taking six days to emerge, dense and deep. The structure of our cuvées meant that exceptionally, we were able to fine seven of them using egg white, in keeping with tradition.

For the first time, it seemed that bottling boosted the wines and they were even improved by it. In the end, the vintage produced classical and structured wines.