2002: Balance!

In springtime, the vines flowered with voluptuous blossoms, flirting with yet never succumbing to the risks of nature until the final grapes were harvested. The 2002 cycle was particularly early, including the vendanges when the nights turned fresh.

Thick dark skins and millerandage produced extraordinarily high-quality grapes, a concentration encouraged by drought. The future wines shamelessly revealed their color which, somewhat unusually, intensified at the end of fermentation. Vinification was short and maceration long, the whites cloudy at first but then clearer. 2002 was also the year of our first Crémant de Bourgogne.

The vintage revealed exceptional quality. The grapes were bursting with health with perfect physiological and phenolic maturity, even for the whites which were gathered later. The reds offered remarkable balance between acidity and tannins with small yields, and the ageing process broke a few rules, notably in terms of length, racking off and filtration.

In their early youth, the reds were fairly rounded but with extremely intense, ripe fruit, with sweet and melting tannins. They offered lot of power but with harmony and finesse – the ambition of Pinot Noirs in Burgundian terroir. The potential of this vintage is now emerging with very pure wines.