2003: Exuberance!

In this heatwave year, harvesting began on 21 August – earlier than in living memory. The winter, which was too mild and then extremely cold, was forgotten in the face of a bright, dry spring followed by that incredible summer. There were late frosts, a contained outbreak of powdery mildew, and we had to work fast in the vines to keep up with the uncontrollable whims of nature. Vinification was a fierce two-week struggle with very high degrees of potential alcohol, an imbalance of maturity, low acidity and low quantities.

The resulting wines were very dense and colorful, expansive and perfectly fruity with exotic qualities, marking this memorable 2003 vintage with a very unusual note.

An atypical vintage requires atypical ageing. We used less wood and less time, tending towards reduction, with acidity levels proving to be not so low after all. To capture the wines’ magic and intense fruitiness, we had to reinvent the ageing process and bottle very early. Through clarifying and purifying the wines, the ageing process brought them closer to their terroir. Today, the wines are developing very well in the bottle, particularly the whites which have preserved all their freshness.