2005: Seventh vintage, seventh heaven!

Everything was exceptional in 2005 – both quantity and quality. All the work in the vines was carried out with a serenity we hadn’t seen in a long while, despite the winter cold. Apart from two hail storms over Vougeot, when harvest time came around, the vines were in wonderful health with very ripe grapes and lots of bunches per plant. The fine weather in September erased earlier worries of drought and the wonderful sunshine encouraged any fruits slow to ripen.

The harvest was ideal: The bunches were splendid and tightly-packed with thick skins and a good skin-to-pulp ratio, the pips woody, and above all, there was a perfect balance between sugar, acidity and tannins – the stuff of dreams! The challenge with the reds was to avoid too much extraction, so there were fewer pigeages, long cold pre-fermentation macerations and long vatting time to reveal intense color.

For the whites, fairly low juice yields necessitated gentle pressing resulting in very good musts and equally remarkable concentration. More than ever, these wines are vins de terroir, great structures wines where the winemaker’s hidden hand invisibly guided a silky vintage.