2007: A perilous year…


A mild winter, a warm springtime and a cold and wet summer provoked a very early budburst but also encouraged patches of rot on the reds which had to be radically quality-controlled. The result was a real variation between plots which made us even more vigilant regarding treatments in the vines where phytotherapy was the watchword. The challenge was deciding on when to start harvesting to obtain a maximum in terms of maturity and concentration. Intense work in the winery and some very fine whites marked this rebel vintage.

As for the reds, there was a lot of millerandage in ripe and very concentrated grapes, long cold pre-fermentation macerations and few pigeages for this fragile material, but very fast fermentations and intense color. This was the second year of vertical pressing to encourage a delicate texture resulting in very pleasing gourmet and aromatic wines.

The whites were extremely productive and unusually this year, the cellar was filled with a hundred barrels, indicating both exceptional quantity and quality. Emphasis was on stirring the lees, permitted thanks to the very good levels of acidity. 2007 meant fine wines with personality to bring out both purity and minerality.