2008: A devilishly tricky vintage!

Vendanges 2008- 009 15e jour compressee_RedimensionnerA miraculous window opened for the harvests, with sun and a north wind which saved a crop that had struggled to reach maturity. Highly unstable weather conditions encouraged chlorosis and mildew, and meant drastic sorting was required. Despite uneven flowering, shatter, and lower yields, the quality of the sorted grapes was promising: Potential alcohol was around 12°, with good acidity, a guarantee of freshness and longevity. Substantial millerandage meant potential for concentrated wines.

The vinification went at a gentle pace thanks to the cold conditions. Maceration was long at three weeks, which meant careful handling was required at the end to avoid extracting too much tannin. This year saw the first trials of partial destalking for the reds, with the aim of gaining in depth without sacrificing any purity.

The fermentation for the whites was fairly quick, the must clarifying readily leaving fine lees, with aromas coming through from the pressing. To enhance the finesse, four 450-litre vats were used. Ageing is still underway, which should reveal the winemaker’s talent and confirm this as a highly fragrant vintage, fresh, elegant, and one to lay down.