2009: A blessed year!

Vougeot1ercruLeClosBlancdeVougeotMonopole_RedimensionnerThis was a magnificent growing season with full flowering, healthy, concentrated and balanced grapes, dream weather, yields for once at the high end of expectations, perfect vinification, dense colors and bursting aromas. In other words a generous year, and after three difficult vintages, one to be savored.

Harvesting started on a “fruit” day in the lunar calendar accompanied by a waning moon, thus concentrating aromas. The pace was frenetic because scant sorting meant unusually high quantities, although yields were still pegged to 40 hl/ha.

The challenge was picking at peak maturity because everything ripened simultaneously. With sugar levels giving potential alcohol of 12.5-13°, we were guided by the quest for balance. Harvesting was swift to preserve both sweetness and acidity, with any delay running the risk of over-ripeness, resulting in heavy wines.

The white must was put directly into barrels since the juice was very pure. For the reds, the magnificent raw material with much millerandage allowed for one third to be left on the stalks.

The impressive structure of the wines meant the proportion of new barrels could be significantly increased, and we expect the result to be powerful and generous wines, transformed by ageing only just beginning now.