Living soils


This is undoubtedly the most esoteric and most difficult element to explain in biodynamics. The “dynamizer” is a copper container equipped with a propeller that is used to charge our preparations with magnetic energy to make them more effective.
These preparations are mixed with rainwater and then stirred in alternating, rotating movements.
These preparations, which are based on plants (leaves, flowers, bark); minerals (stones, clay, copper, sulfur); animal elements (milk, dung, horn); or even marine elements such as seaweed, are mostly produced on the estate and used according to the lunar calendar. Their fungicidal, insecticidal, revitalizing, or mineralizing properties are thus redoubled. Soils dynamized using the forces of nature are much richer in microorganisms and are veritable living soils!


Cold maceration or liquid fertilizer: The plants are macerated for a certain period, depending on the properties which one wants to obtain. This method is used for plants like nettle and comfrey, etc.

Herbal teas or infusions: We macerate plants, flowers, leaves and fresh bark in boiled water and then filter them. These infusions are then combined with Bordeaux mixture, resulting in a highly-concentrated treatment. This is then diluted before being sprayed or sprinkled on the vines as needed, within 24 hours of harvesting the ingredients.

Extraction: involves cooking for a certain amount of time over a very low heat. This is suitable for plants whose active elements are more difficult to extract, such as horsetail and oak bark.

Bordeaux mixture

The vine is a capricious plant that sometimes need a helping hand. Bordeaux mixture, which is a combination of sulfur and copper is always applied minimally. We use no more than 4kg per hectare, even if we are authorized to use six, and we complement it with other infusions. It is used in homeopathic doses on the estate and is a basis for our preparations.

Copper protects against downy mildew
Sulfur helps combat powdery mildew
Copper and sulfur are used for their fungicidal properties

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