Sylvie Poillot, General Manager

With her sparkling eyes and her eternal smile, Sylvie manages all aspects of the Domaine de la Vougeraie. From the vineyard to the cellar, she is everywhere, demonstrating her exceptional organizational skills. But her primary concern is always for our customers whom she has been taking care of since 2004.
Sylvie stepped into her current role in 2017, bringing an eye for detail and precision that she learned in the demanding luxury hotel business where she worked for a decade after earning her wings in the top-flight restaurant trade.
She joined the family in 2002, and today manages the Domaine de la Vougeraie with strength and gentleness, surrounding herself with a dedicated team of native and adopted Burgundians!


Sylvie works hand in hand with Camille Leynaud-Prince who has been at the estate since 2015. She started as an assistant to Pierre Vincent before taking on full responsibility for oenology at the Domaine de la Vougeraie.
Camille is all about precision when it comes to the estate’s wines. Prior to their creation, she works closely with Antoine in the vineyards, focusing on the progress of the grapes and on the first samples taken in the summer as the grapes start to ripen and which are key to estimating the date of the harvest.
When it comes to the frenetic fortnight of picking, all her attention is focused on vinification, where every detail counts. Ageing and bottling close the annual loop. The gentle practices of organic and biodynamic viticulture require constant rigor, and Camille has that in spades.
She works with Timothée Gaussorgues, enologist and engineer in agronomy. He is an expert from vine plant to wine making and is passionate about his work.

Antoine Capotosto, the head of winegrowing

Nothing goes unnoticed by Antoine Capospoto, with his steely-blue gaze. This former top-level golfer leaves nothing to chance. He learned rigor at hotel school which led him to Ireland and its greens. He applies the same high expectations he has from others to himself, which is proving to be an asset in his second career in the vines, inspired by his passion for wine. His reconversion began with him working as an apprentice for some of Burgundy’s great estates and has now culminated with his appointment at the head of the Domaine de la Vougeraie’s vineyards.

Antoine Capospoto is a man of conviction, who is now leading a team of vineyard workers, tractor operators and laborers. He attaches the same importance to pruning, earthing up, disbudding, and trimming, which he prefers to do by hand as part of his quest for perfection.

The cellar manager, from the shadow to the light

You need a strong body to work in this business, and a strong head, too. Jean-Luc Rousseau stands at 6’2”, and with his broad smile and his unfailing calm, manages several hundred barrels during the ageing process.
In the cellar he prepares the barrels before lining them up to be filled, after which he manages topping them up, cleaning them, and sometimes stirring their contents. He has been with us since 2006, and knows every barrel, caring for them like a father for his babies. He watches over them and helps them grow; raising them to express the best of themselves, and to continue to improve once they leave home!

He has an Oenology Technician diploma that, he says, helps him put words to his knowledge!

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