Our estate celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2019. Since then, we have acquired further plots and today, it is entirely biodynamically cultivated. The same intransigence remains, and with it the ideal of wines vibrant with the personality of our plots.

The estate is continually improving, with tilling of the soil, systematic replanting, redefining the contours of the landscape, planting fruit trees, choosing grafts and rootstocks from the estate's own massal selections, plowing our best terroir by carthorse. Every task is carefully considered. Getting the best out of our vines is a duty for the Vougeraie estate and for future generations because a vine is a lifetime’s work, and our work is paced around the seasons and the planets.

Half the estate is on the Côte de Nuits and half on the Côte de Beaune, and at its heart is the “diamond set within rubies”, our legendary and no-less mystical monopole Vougeot Premier Cru Le Clos Blanc de Vougeot.

Working the soil, ensuring low yields, producing concentrated grapes that are handled with extreme gentleness from their birth to their metamorphosis, hand-crafted vinification and maturation for each plot – all of this contributes to ensuring a style that is all about elegance and a definition of terroir that is ever-more precise. And this combined with the inspiration from Cîteaux pushing us to achieve ever higher heights...

Gevrey-Chambertin Les Evocelles

This vineyard is the closest to our hearts because it was the Domaine’s first, planted in 1966 by our father and grandfather, Louis. It owes its name to a scrubby plot of land called Les Brosselles, and enjoys an ideal location on the most natural, wildest part of the village, against the forest. The sloping rows face east-southeast on limestone fossil-rich soil. Neighboring vines were added over time to the tiny original plot, which is now one of our most beautiful vineyards, covering three hectares. The young vines are planted at a density of 13,600 per hectare and are pruned in a fan shape to benefit from the wonderful light. 

Family Domaine at the heart of Burgundy

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