The end of 2023 harvest

  • 1 October 2023

The harvest is over !

It looked like it would be an incredible vintage as we brought in the last grapes on Thursday after a very intense five-week harvest, the longest ever!

Such exceptional quantities meant we also had to be exceptionally organized.

We were delighted by such high volumes and equally charmed by the remarkable quality of the grapes, notwithstanding a few disparities in terms of the reds.

Healthwise, it was perfect almost everywhere, but we still had to carefully sort the last grapes to be picked.

Now they are all safely in the winery and the fermentation is going great guns. The reds are being devatted one after the next, with pressings that are releasing magnificent colors and lots of very expressive aromas of red berries.

All the whites are now in the cellar, where they are continuing their fermentation in the barrel. Our cellarman Jean-Luc is juggling with stacks of barrels and the cellar is almost full.

We will remember this harvest for its great potential and its generous juice with white musts in perfect harmony.

But the wines have a long way to go before they are finished. Vinification is ongoing and no doubt holds lots of other lovely surprises in store.

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