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The appellation

The red clay, rare in the Côte de Nuits, gives this wine a delicate, tender heart. Its composition includes several climats from Vougeot to Morey-Saint-Denis: Les Véroilles, Les Argillères, the renowned Les Baudes climat, Les Condemennes and Les Chardannes. Its powerful, racy temperament belies Chambolle-Musigny’s reputation as a “women’s wine”.

Alfred Hitchcock adored Burgundy wine, and his cellar in Bel Air, Los Angeles, was full of his favourite  Chambolle-Musigny. This helps explain why a bottle of Burgundy was the key to the plot of Notorious, one of his most dramatic films.

The name of Les Argillères, a plot renowned since the middle ages, evokes the clayey marl mixed in the vineyard’s active calcareous soil. A superb rocky terrace, it looks over the countryside like the first balcony of an Italian theatre. The land was originally a Gallo-Roman settlement which gradually gave way to vines. In the 14th and 15th centuries, when the Duchy of Burgundy was at its most powerful, several members of the family which owned the vineyard served the Duke as chamberlain or governor. Chambolle-Musigny adorned the tables of Philippe the Good and Charles the Reckless in their palace in Flanders. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the Chambolle vineyard belonged successively to the Oratorian fathers of Dijon, the Grand Prior of Champagne and various other congregations, then to several families of Burgundy nobility.

As to Les Chardannes, it no doubt used to be a bed of thistles (chardons). Les Condemennes was an ancient feudal plot cultivated by tenant farmers. The name of Les Véroilles simply means a slight depression or valley.

The vine

Les Baudes 1er Cru
Surface: 0,0688
Geographical situation: parcel in mid-slope, below Les Bonnes Mares.
Exposure: East-facing.
Plantings: 1918/19; 1973/74

Les Gruenchers 1er Cru
Surface : 0,0652 ha
Plantings : 1973/74

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Les Fremières
Surface : 0,1755 ha
Plantings : 1984 / 1987
Les Condemennes et les Chardannes
Surface: 0.1492 ha +0.0978 ha =0,247 ha
Geographical situation: Les Chardannes: parcel in mid-slope; Les Condemennes: close to the village of Vougeot
Plantings: 1965/66 ; 1966/67
Les Véroilles
Surface: 0,19 ha
Terraced parcel, above Les Bonnes Mares
Plantings: 1989/1990
Les Argilières
Surface: 0,098 ha
Geographical situation: parcel bordering Musigny
Plantings: 1989/1990
Derrière Le Four
Surface : 0,0378ha
Situation géographique : En plein cœur de village de Chambolle-Musigny
Plantings : 1997

Grape variety
: 100% Pinot Noir
Soil and subsoil: Several climats: Les Véroilles and Les Argillères are very calcareous and alluvial, while Les Baudes, Les Condemennes and Les Chardannes are less calcareous, but clayey and silty.
Planting density: 10 000 vines/ha
Rootstock: 60 % of massal selection and 40 % of clones.
Organic agriculture. Received official approval ECOCERT® in 2000.
Training style: Guyot
Vineyard news: Earthing-up in winter. Spraying of nettle, horsetail, yarrow, tansy, comfrey tea during each treatment.

The wine

Harvest date: September 23rd 2021. (fruit day)
Selection: hand-sorted in the vineyard and on arrival in the winery.
Yield: 18 hl/ha

No yeast addition.
Maceration: pre-fermentation, cold  (12-15°C) during 5 days.
Length of maceration: 15 days.
Cap-punched once a day until mid-fermentation and ligth pumping-over until the end of maceration.
Pressing with the new vertical press.

Length: 16 months
Type: in oak barrels.
Percentage of new barrels: 20%
Toasting: long and gentle heat, without charring.
Source of wood: Cîteaux, Tronçais
Alls barrels racked.
Light and soft filtration. No fining.

February 7th, 2023 (fruit day).
Limited to 2022 bottles.

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