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The appellation

This large, south-facing parcel covering more than one hectare was replanted between 1985 and 1989. This sun-drenched vineyard, ideally situated at the top of the hillside, benefits from an excellent reflection of heat onto the grapes. The Petits Noizons vines grow in a very pebbly, soil, (chalky and often alluvial), of great depth. The results are a relatively powerful wine, with good structure and high quality.

In the local dialect the original name, En Noyons, meant a place where walnut trees were found. Owned in the 13th century by Alix de Vergy, duchess of Burgundy, Pommard passed into the hands of the Archbishops of Lyon, then a ducal estate, and finally to Burgundian noble families.

The vines themselves are intimately linked with the history of Burgundy, as it was the monks of the Abbeys of Saint-Bénigne at Dijon, and Cîteaux, and the knights of Saint John of Jerusalem who surveyed the harvests. Another well-known owner was Gaspard Monge, inventor of descriptive geometry and a senior official of the Empire, whose daughter married a local château-owner, Nicolas-Joseph Marey.

The vine

Les Petits Noizons
Surface: 1.1057 ha
Geographical situation: parcel on steepish slope.
Exposure: East.
Plantings: 1985 to 1989

Grape variety: 100% Pinot Noir

Geographical situation: On leaving Beaune in a southerly direction, Pommard is the first village you come to, just before Volnay. Les Petits Noizons is situated at a height of 300 metres, on the Beaune side of the appellation. It is on the right-hand side of the road to Saint-Romain and La Petite Combe.

Soil and subsoil: very pebbly, chalky soil, quite silty.

Planting density: 10 000 vines/ha

Rootstock: only clones.

management since 1995
Organic agriculture. Received official approval Ecocert® in 2000.

Pruning: Guyot

Vineyard news: Earthing-up of the vines in winter. Spraying of nettle and rhubarb, horsetail, yarrow, tansy, comfrey tea during each treatment. Suckers removed in spring.

The wine

Harvest date: September 16th, 2019 (leaf day).
Selection: hand-sorted in the vinyard and on arrival in the winery.
Yield: 28.9 hl/ha.

10% of whole bunches, not crushed.
No yeast addition.
Maceration: pre-fermentation, cold (12-15°C) for 5 days.
Vatting-time: 16 days.
Cap-punched once a day until mid-fermentation and a light pumping-over until the end of vatting time.
Pressing with the new vertical press.

Length: 16 months in oak barrels.
New barrels: 30 %
Origin of wood: Cîteaux, Tronçais.
Light and soft filtration. No fining.

December 7th , 2020 (fruit day) for magnums
December 10th  , 2020 (root day) for bottles
Limited to 3453 bottles and 300 magnums

Family Domaine at the heart of Burgundy

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